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Eagle Bucks by Ainsworth

Eagle Bucks by Ainsworth

Eagle Bucks by Ainsworth

Eagle Bucks by Ainsworth is an online slot machine game. It features a beautifully realised theme based around American wildlife, with symbol images that show everything from bald eagles to wolves. The play system is a standard five reel, twenty play line affair, with a number of special bonus features that may be triggered during play.

The game is available for desktop computer, mobile phone, and tablet. In order to play on home computer, simply open the game in a web browser, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, and it should load automatically. To play on mobile phone or tablet, search for the game in the applicable application store and download it. Note that the game may not run on older model phones that have limited resources. Before downloading the game, look for a notification that says it is compatible with your device. More information about this is available from the website on which you play the game.

American Wildlife Images

Eagle Bucks by Ainsworth is overflowing with great artwork, featuring beautiful animal images that show clear signs of professionalism and attention to detail. Some of the images include the majestic bald eagle, a buffalo, a nest with three eagle eggs, a rock formation backed by a sunset, and a fierce timber wolf. These symbols are played alongside the traditional ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards. In order to get payouts, symbols must be matched with themselves at least three times, with the higher value the symbol giving a larger payout. The playing card symbols have the lowest value, while the eagle is of highest value. Other special bonus symbols are also present, including the Eagle Bucks logo, which will trigger a highly lucrative bonus mini-game.

Bonus Special Features

The eagle symbol is both the most valuable symbol in the game if matched with itself three times, as well as acting as a wild symbol. A wild symbol may match with any other symbol to create a winning sequence, standing as a substitute. A matching sequence may be, for example, two aces and an eagle, which will create a winning sequence of three aces.

The Eagle Bucks logo is the game’s scatter symbol, and may match with itself in any position in the play area. If matched a bonus sequence will be triggered, granting the player twenty standard free spins, or twenty free spins with a wild joker symbol. If managing to get the wild joker symbol variation, after a free spin has played out there is a chance that eagles will fly into the play area, turning a number of the symbols into wild symbols. These added wild symbols will create matching sequences and payout accordingly.

Player Interface

Just like other online slot machines Canada, Eagle Bucks by Ainsworth has a simple user interface, with all relevant information found at the bottom of the screen. This includes the current balance, current bet per line, bet lies open, and a spin button. Note that the bet per line may be lowered or raised using the plus and minus buttons, as the player prefers. The currently opened betting lines will be displayed on the left of the screen.