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Getting the Yanks Ready for Sports Betting!

Getting the Yanks Ready for Sports Betting!

Getting the Yanks Ready for Sports Betting!

Online betting in America is the most convenient way to bet on the NFL, NHL, NBA and many other international and local sporting events.

You get great odds, bonus offers, convenient real money wagering and a wide range of possible betting options.

Sign up is simple and if you opt for one of the available bonuses or promotions, you will find unrivalled value in your sports betting online.

The Market Is Yours

Online sports betting doesn’t limit you when it comes to what sports from what countries you can bet on. You have such a diverse range of sports to bet on that it can be a bit intimidating at first.

As soon as you have signed up and placed a few wagers you will become more focused and start feeling more familiar with things. Online sports betting sites are easy to navigate and most feature a sensible layout.

This is in part because there are a lot of options for betting, but also to make the site accessible to both new and experienced sports bettors.

One of sports betting onlines’ many strengths is how much they focus on the customer. There are many things in place on sports betting sites that let you feel confident and relaxed about your betting.

Getting Started

To make your first steps to online sports betting action you will require a sports betting account first and foremost. The sign up process for betting is very simple.

You need a valid bank account firstly in order to show that you can make real money wagers.

At this stage you can also choose to opt for the bonus offers and promotions.

Once your account has been approved you can immediately get started on sports betting. Simply make a few clicks to find your favorite upcoming sporting events and choose how you want to wager.

If the odds seem favorable to you place a real money bet. If you don’t like the odds, see what other action is available to you.

Find The Info You Want And Need

The internet is a fantastic resource for all the latest sporting news and betting tips. There are also many sites that offer great betting info on your favorite teams.

If you prefer to do your own research, there are a wealth of sites that offer you team statistics and performance evaluations. You can find online news sources that provide helpful information on the latest trades and news so that you can place an informed real money bet.

Sports betting sites also often provide advice and opinions. It may seem counter intuitive to take betting advice from an online bookmaker taking your bets, but most betting sites make their money from commission of your winnings and not on players making losing bets.

That is how traditional bookies made their money. Online sports betting places a lot of emphasis on customer satisfaction since it is such a competitive market out there. Customer retention is just as important for an online betting site as gaining new customers.

Common Online Betting Mistakes

Many new sports bettors will not stick to a betting budget and try and wager on every good deal. More commonly new players will try and bet on all outcomes and potentially make a profit.

Betting sites have staff that monitor bettor activity and any unusual activity will result in sites limiting your account or even suspending you from using your account.

This can also tie in with players who chase losses. This is a terrible behavior and you must always try and bet with your head and not your hart. If you find yourself getting too worked up, rather take a break for a while and come back the next day with a fresh head.

Betting On Unfamiliar Sports

Since a new online bettor will have a lot of access to new sporting markets, it may be tempting to try wagering on new sports that may sound interesting.

This can be a very bad move as you are almost certainly throwing your money away. There are many resources online that can provide you with helpful information on new sports. Read up before placing your wagers.

Doing some research before hand is essential to be a successful betting online USA sports bettor. Not only will it be more regarding in the long run but it will really boost your confidence when it comes to future betting.

Betting Odds You May Encounter Online

American betting sites use the Moneyline system.  This is a relatively straightforward system. You will see the odds for two teams displayed as a positive or a negative number.

The positive number will state how much you stand to win should you wager $100 while the negative number will indicate how much you must wager in order to win a $100.

An even money bet will mean that you will get an equal return on your staked wager. The bets are usually displayed as for instance a +120 or -120 where the +120 will mean if you bet 100, you will win 120. Even odds are displayed simply as +100.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are more commonly seen in European, Australian and Canadian betting sites.  They have slowly gained popularity and are now found at most betting sites around the world.

These odds are quite straightforward and always displayed as a positive number. The number essentially displays what your return will be for every 1 that is wager. If the odds are 1.75 that means you will earn $1.75 for every $1 you wager.

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are a British standard and probably the hardest odds to make heads or tails of. In fractional odds the payouts are displayed as a fraction, so for instance 5/1 or 9/1, meaning your payout will be at a ratio of 5 t to 1 or 9 to 1.

These odds can become even more complex with ratios like 11/10 or 7/8. It is clear from these examples why decimal odds are becoming more and more commonplace.