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A Look at Golden Goal Online Slots

A Look at Golden Goal Online Slots

A Look at Golden Goal Online Slots

Online slots games have, for several years already, formed an important part of the online entertainment industry. This is for a number of reasons, one of which can be attributed to the different themes that appeal to different markets. A popular theme to have emerged is that of sports. Play ‘n’ Go online slots game developer has created Golden Goal, a game based on the theme of soccer. This game is a simple one and is easy to understand, making it ideal for players of every level of experience, from those who have just begun learning how to play online slots games to those who have already been playing for a good few years.

A Slots Game with a Simple Structure

Golden Goal online slots game is about as straightforward as slots games can get. There are plenty of games out there that lend themselves to tons of extra features and side games. However, while they are exciting, they can also be a little bit distracting from the online slots games themselves. While revolving around the theme of soccer, this particular game is one that allows players to focus on nothing more than spinning the reels. With its simple three reels, it serves as a reminder of the original slots games in traditional casinos that to this day, remain amongst the most popular games in such an establishment.

Soccer-Themed Symbols

It is only fitting for Golden Goal to have symbols that are themed around soccer adorning its reels. This game’s symbols include the likes of a whistle, soccer boots and gloves. However, perhaps the most important symbol to keep an eye out for is the golden ball. This ball also acts as a wild symbol. In other words, it can replace any other symbol in order to form a winning combination. This is of course a very helpful symbol to have around, as it means that players will get to increase their total winnings.

Golden Goal Online Pokies

Like Microgaming pokies, Golden Goal online slots game is also designed to be played on a number of different platforms and because of its simple structure, can adapt seamlessly to a number of screen sizes. As long as players have a stable internet connection, they will be able to access this game via their mobile phones, tablet devices or computers. All in all, the game makes for an entertaining experience that players with a love of soccer will particularly enjoy.

Accessing the Jackpot

This online slots game allows players to put down either one, two or three coins per spin. By playing one coin, a winning combination will reward players with 200 coins. Two coins will see Golden Goal paying out 400 coins. Of course, three coins yield the highest payouts, or in this game’s case, the jackpot. A winning combination on a three-coin bet will result in the player activating the progressive jackpot. The value of this is always displayed on the screen, so players will have an idea of how much they can expect their winnings to grow by.