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Time to Practice your Poker Face

Time to Practice your Poker Face

Time to Practice your Poker Face

There are many ways which one can play poker, although only a few offer you the chance to win real money. In the olden days, one would have to go down to the local brick and mortar casino in order to join a verified poker game and stand the chance of winning some chips. With the advent of modern technology, this is no longer necessary. Poker players can simply log onto the internet and find a large number of online poker sites.

Poker is a decade’s old game which originated in the United States in the 1800’s. At first, the game was only played with five cards, which is still one of the variants played today. Poker is a game of skill as well as chance, making it very popular in the Old West amongst men who wanted to prove themselves as well as possibly win some money off a stranger. The development of Poker in the United States is linked to the development of commercial gambling; being the very early ancestor of the brick and mortar casinos that we see today.

Online Poker

Modern online poker sites in Australia are easy to find and access as long as you have the correct equipment. To do this you will need either a computer such as a desktop or a laptop, or a mobile device. Mobile devices are new technology that has swept the world including Australia. A large percentage of Australia’s population make use of a mobile device or a smart device of some sort be it a smart phone or a tablet. Online casinos have been quick to take advantage of this new technology and have designed sites to be able to run on both smart phones as well as more traditional devices such as laptops and desktops.

Not all mobile devices are able to access sites. You need to ensure that your device is what is called a smart device; in other words, it is able to make use of applications. The second requirement of any device that you wish to play online poker on is, of course, that it has a stable internet connection. Once you have established that you chosen device has all of the attributes needed, you can begin to play online poker at

Poker Promotions

Many online poker sites offer promotions for both new players and existing members in order to attract them to join and stay, with the site. These promotions can come in a number of forms, but the most common ones are a welcome bonus, a no deposit bonus and a loyalty program.

A welcome bonus is an amount of real money that the online poker site in Australia offers you when you join up and make your first deposit. This is usually a match to your initial deposit up to a certain amount. Of course, online casinos can’t just go around handing out huge wads of real money to people, or they would very swiftly go out of business. Welcome bonuses usually work on a percentage. So, for example, the online poker site will offer a 50% match to your first deposit up to a certain amount, and possibly a bigger match, maybe a 100% match, to your second deposit. This money can usually be spent on real poker games and could allow you to win real money back for Australian pokies online games when using it.

A no deposit bonus is exactly what it sounds like. This is an amount of money that the online poker site gives you when you join up with them before you have to actually deposit any money of your own. This also has restrictions, although a no deposit bonus can vary from site to site. With either of these promotions it is always imperative that you read the fine print, and make sure that you understand all of the terms and conditions very clearly.

Poker Variants

There are a large number of different types of poker available to play online. Poker is a game that has grown and evolved throughout the years as different people required and developed different playing styles.

The original five card poker is still available, now called Straight poker. Here a full hand is dealt to all players and each player has to make a bet on each round unless they fold. This is one of the simplest forms of poker, and although still used today you have to look quite carefully to find it online. More modern, faster variants are more popular with online players and online sites.

Texas Hold Em is one of the most popular forms of online poker around the world and in Australia. This is a fast paced version of the game where players only have two cards in their hand. Five cards are dealt onto the table, or in the case of online poker, the screen. These cards are community cards that mean that all players in the game make use of them. Initially, three of the community cards are revealed, whereupon players have to place another bet. Then one by one the rest are revealed, allowing players to either fold or carry on betting. Players must make their best five-card hand from the two cards that they hold as well as the five in the middle. Texas Hold ‘em is a game which is often played with a computerised dealer against other real players in a computer game-like environment, where the table is a screen.

Video Poker

Video Poker is a modern take on the game of poker and is offered by a number of online poker sites. Video poker differs from other forms of poker in that it looks more like a slot machine. Video poker is a one-man game played against the computer. It is a very simple way of playing poker, as there are no other players. In video Poker, the machine gives you five cards, and you decide which ones to hold on to and which to discard.  The machine then replaces your discards and pays you out according to your final hand.