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Have a Look at the Signs of Gambling Addiction

Have a Look at the Signs of Gambling Addiction

Have a Look at the Signs of Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is something that can happen to anyone, no matter what their social or financial standing may be. This type of addiction is classed in the same way as a drug or alcohol problem, and can be treated and addressed in much the same way.

By knowing the signs of a gambling addiction it makes it easier to address, but the person who is out of control must want to be helped, otherwise they will continue down their destructive path regardless. If you, or someone you care about shows signs of gambling addiction it is important to know that there is nothing to be ashamed of, and that a large number of people across the globe are similarly affected. Help is readily available, from Gamblers Anonymous and other such programs, rehab facilities treat compulsive gamblers as in or out patients.

The most obvious signs of gambling addiction include:


If a person lies about how much they gamble or play other games, how much money they spend, or how much gambling debt they have, they certainly have a problem. Lying is one of the most common signs and compulsive gamblers often lie to their friends and family in order to pretend they don’t have a problem. These lies can include lying about the amount of time spent gambling, the amount of money lost, or the impact that it has on inter-personal relationships or work, and for an outsider its often easy to see that what is being said, is not in fact true.

Financial Issues

Debt is often part and parcel of gambling addiction and it can be a clear sign that someone is in trouble. Financial issues, inability to meet obligations or to pay accounts are all signs of gambling addiction, as compulsive gamblers are always chasing their next win. Often those with a gambling problem will start off not paying small bills, then be short on rent or other payments, and ask to borrow money friends. Once friends have been exhausted as a resource, they may resort to a loan, or borrowing from less than scrupulous lenders.

Relationship Problems

The signs of gambling addiction can often have a negative impact on someone’s relationship, be it with their spouse or partner, or children. Gambling can take up all their time, or they may make excuses to gamble, rather than spend time with family. Often, gamblers only look forward to the next time they can gamble and become edgy and irritated when forced to partake in other activities, and this can lead to strain on relationships and cause further problems.

Work Related Problems

If gambling addiction affects a person’s work there is a serious problem, as employers may terminate a contract if performance is affected. Signs of gambling addiction can include not being able to focus, becoming agitated when unable to gamble, and lying, none of which bode well for a working environment. Often, the signs of stress that an addiction is causing can be exacerbated by work, and having to perform and complete tasks becomes too overwhelming. Financial, relationship and family stresses can all manifest into aggression too, a trait that’s not welcome in any type of employment.

These are the most common signs of gambling addiction, but there are others that affect people in different ways. If you, or someone you know is affected, it’s never too late to try and get help.