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The Evolution of Slots Technology in Gambling

The Evolution of Slots Technology in Gambling

The Evolution of Slots Technology in Gambling

Charles Fey invented the very first slots machine in 1887. The San Franciscan mechanic was looking for a way to replicate the excitement that card-based games of poker offered and wanted to mechanise them in a manner that offered the same great thrills.

Fey developed a machine that featured 3 spinning reels and had 5 winning symbols and unknowingly created a game that was set to change the face of the gambling industry forever.

Named the Liberty Bell, Fey’s first slot machine became an almost instant hit in bars and saloons across America and soon other manufacturers were sitting up and taking notice of just how popular this simple machine had become.

In the early 1890’s New York Company Sittman and Pit took Fey’s slots machine and remodelled it, creating a 5 drum, 50 card machine that went on to be the prototype of the games we enjoy today.

Advancements in Slots Technology

In 1963 the first ever electro-mechanical slots machine was invented and was the first game to pay out without the need for an attendant. Called ‘The Money Honey’, this cutting edge slot fast became a huge hit and made its way to the many casinos of Las Vegas and beyond. From here on in, slots continued to gather a huge following and in 1975 IGT created the first video slot, another massive step forward in the gaming revolution.

When the first true online casino opened its doors in 1994 online slots New Zealand fans and players across the globe were astounded by the incredible game play on offer. Never before had slots been so easy to access, and as the popularity of the games grew in the virtual arena so too did the selection.

Today there are thousands of slots games created by different developers and just about every theme and genre you can dream of has been covered.

Pokies at their Prime

As the online casino industry evolved so too did slots games, or as players in New Zealand often call them; pokies. These reel spinning games are now the worlds’ most played online casino entertainment and there are a plethora of styles and genres on offer for all players to enjoy.

From games themed around nursery rhymes to slick, sophisticated slots interspersed with video clips from blockbuster movies; you can enjoy an enthralling and interactive experience at any time.

The classic 3 and 5 reel games online are the ones that hark back to the days of Charles Fey’s Liberty Bell and there are also pub-style fruities that are based on the old school fruit machines.

Video slots are the state-of-the art games that boast incredible animations, amazing bonus rounds and offer an action packed gaming experience, whilst the progressive jackpot slots feature payouts that can easily amount to over a million dollars.

Every online slots real money Canada has to offer delivers nonstop action and entertainment and as the payout ratio is higher in the online sphere than it is at a land based casino, players can benefit enormously.

As technology keeps evolving so too do online slots, and with mobile gaming becoming so popular these reel spinning, graphic-rich and feature-filled games remain a world favourite.