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Crazy Cows Online Slot Review for Internet Casino Players

Crazy Cows Online Slot Review for Internet Casino Players

Crazy Cows Online Slot Review for Internet Casino Players

Crazy Cows is an Ausvegas online slot machine game developed by Play ’n Go. It features a well drawn farm theme, based around a hunky character named Bill the Bull. The player must, as with all similar slot machine games, place a bet and spin the five reels. If the icons displayed match, payouts are given in accordance to which matches are created. With bonus matches, the player is rewarded with animations, as well as the chance to win big. This game can be played on mobile devices or via an internet browser on a home computer. For more information about the game, contact the customer support centre of your favourite online casino.

Crazy Cow Icons

This game has done away with standard slot machine icons, and instead uses an array of icons based around classic farm life. Some of the icons used include corn, a barn, a number of female cows, and Bill the bull himself. Letters spelling out the word crazy are also used, instead of the normal numbers plus jack, queen, king. Match the special bonus icons to trigger the amusing mini game sequence.

Crazy Bonus Icons

Bull the Bull is the wild card, and can match with other icons to form a winning sequence. If matching three times with himself, however, the bonus mini game is triggered. Bill strikes sexy poses as free spins are played out, with the potential to gather even more free spins, and extend the humorous sequence. The bonus icon is the barn, and if matched with itself can give a major jackpot payout. Keep in mind that Bill the Bull may not match with the barn. For more specific information about the winning sequences, please tap the playtable button in the lower right of the screen.

Play Per Line

Crazy Cows works on a bets per line system. This means that a player may place a bet on only one line, the centre one, and get matching sequences only on this line. If sequences are landed on other parts of the mobile casino pokies NZ reels, the payout will not be given. If betting on more lines, up to fifteen, more winning opportunities are granted, at the cost of a bigger up front bet. More money per line is also possible, allowing for bigger payouts per win. You can change the lines bet on with the appropriate interface located at the bottom of the screen. Take note that the bet max button will automatically place the highest bet possible on each line.

Other Interface Options

In Crazy Cows, the spin button can clearly be seen at the bottom right. Tapping this once will give one, manual spin. The autoplay button, located beside this, will open a window. In this window, the player may select how many spins should play out in sequence, and under what circumstances the free spins should stop. You may turn the sound on or off via the speaker icon located at the bottom right. A detailed options menu, the two cogs, can also be found her for your convenience.