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Football Carnival Slots Game

Football Carnival Slots Game

Football Carnival Slots Game

Football Carnival, created by Playtech, is an online slots game. It features a theme based around the football culture in Brazil, brought to life by professionally drawn symbol images, as well as a thumping rhythmic sound design.

The game play uses a give reel, thirty play line system, as well as having many bonus games that may be triggered by matching the correct symbols. Be sure to take note also of the stacked symbols feature, which sets the game apart and give it a unique visual design. Football Carnival is available on home computer, laptop, mobile phone and tablet. If playing on a desktop computer, be sure to have the Flash software installed. In order to get Flash, simply search for it via a search engine and click to install. It is offered for free, and is used by a number of other programs to improve web browsing.

Stacked Symbols Design

Football Carnival is dazzling in visual design, having symbols that aim to capture the party atmosphere of Brazil’s vibrant football culture. The most valuable standard symbol in the game is the Brazilian flag, which pays out a huge amount if matched with itself a maximum of five times. The least valuable symbol in the game is the blue football player, which gives only a modest payout, even if matched five times. Some of the other symbols include the statue of Christ, a football pitch, and a beautiful dancing woman. Note, however, that some symbols are stacked, meaning that they appear as one graphic, but occupy two spaces on the reels. This is not commonly seen in Canada slot machines games, and allows for matches to be created on a much more frequent basis. Given that each pay out is generally fairly small, however, more matches are needed in order to keep the player from slipping into the red.

Bonus Symbols And Special Features

The football is a wild symbol n this game, and may match with any other symbol to create a winning sequence. It will also pay a large sum if matching with itself in sequences of five. The red football, with he words Football Carnival, is a scatter symbol, and will trigger a bonus mini-game if matching right here Note that the scatter symbol may match in any location on the reels, and will still be triggered. The mini-game involves ten free spins being granted, with the potential of winning and adding more free spins during the free spin sequence. Note that after each two free spins a multiplier is added, increasing the value of every win. This means that the longer the free spins sequence continues, the more the player will win. It is also possible to get extra wilds during the free spin sequence, as an added bonus. These extra wilds appear as a green football, and allow more matches to be created. Free spins with a high multiplier, plus added free wilds are the best possible position for a player of Football Carnival to be in. Enormous payouts are all but guaranteed, sure to put a smile on the face of anyone lucky enough to get this bonus awarded.