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Best Of British Online Slots Machine Details for You

Best Of British Online Slots Machine Details for You

Best Of British Online Slots Machine Details for You

The Best of British slot machine game is powered by Lightning Box Studios and is an enjoyable online gambling experience, featuring a theme based around classic British culture. The game itself is a simple, grounded version of slot machine rules, offering little in the way of flashy graphics or sound, but making up for this by being highly stream lined.

The five reel, fifteen play line system is as would be expected, with no extra or bonus rules interfering with the straight forward design. This game is available to play for free, or for real money, and may be accessed on mobile phone, tablet, home computer or laptop.

Slot Symbol Designs

The Best of British slot machine game is heavily influenced by popular British culture. The symbol designs, all created to be easily identifiable on small screens, include a pot of tea, red bus, fish and chips, bobby’s hat, and a British bulldog.

A fifth symbol, simply the words Best of British, is the most valuable, and will payout a good amount if matched with itself five times. Note that the standard ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards are also present. The bulldog, featured prominently over a Union Jack, is the wild symbol, and one of two bonus symbols in this game.

User Interface Details

The Best of British slot machine game has a simple but effective user interface. The current account balance can be seen at the top of the screen, in the upper left. Any funds spent or won will instantly be reflected here. To the right of the balance window is the bet window, which indicates what the current bet is per spin. On the right of the screen, indicated by a circular arrow icon, is the spin button. Tap this button to activate a single manual spin of the reels.

Directly above the spin icon is the auto spin option. Tap this button to open a window and select the amount of automatic spins to be taken. Note that automatic spins can be interrupted at any time. The stakes and lines button, on the left of the screen, will allow adjustment of the current bets, as well as how many play lines are bet on. All other options, including sound on or off, and details of the game’s rules are accessed via the menu button, found on the left of the screen. Note that this game interface has been designed with touch screens in mind, allowing for a smooth experience on tablet and mobile phone.

Wild Symbol and Free Spins Symbol

There are only two bonus features in this highly simplistic game. The first, the wild card or joker symbol, allows for more wining sequences to be created during standard play. For example; the wild symbol may match with an ace symbol to create a winning sequence where one was not possible before. This matching sequence, from left to right in the play area, would grant a payout of three aces. The free spins symbol is the second bonus feature in the game, and grants the player a number of free spins if matched three times. These spins will play out automatically upon being awarded.