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Loaded PI Online Slots Machine Overview for Players

Loaded PI Online Slots Machine Overview for Players

Loaded PI Online Slots Machine Overview for Players

The Loaded PI slot machine game, is an old fashioned game, both in design and in theme. The game is powered by Lightning Box Studios and the graphics are based around a retro detective theme, reminiscent of classics such as Dick Tracy, and charming in their simplicity. The music and sound effects of the game are likewise understated, with all design choices coming together to create an experience that is both streamlined and efficient. The game is available to play for free or real money, and functions perfectly on all play platforms. To learn more about the symbols of the game, and minimal special feature design, please read on.

Slot Game Design

The Loaded PI slot machine game has a striking set of game play symbols. Each symbol is designed to conjure nostalgia for 1930s and 1940s comic strips, and have been drawn in the strong-black-line style that was popular during that time. The picture symbols include a singing woman, a retro thug, a magnifying glass, an old fashioned car, and a detective’s badge. These symbols are played along side the ten, jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards. The most valuable symbol in the game, if matched with itself five times, is the detectives badge, while the least valuable symbols are the playing cards. Note that there is also a wild card, represented by the pistol wielding protagonist.

Available Playing Platforms

The Loaded PI slot machine game may be played on any compatible platform. To play on mobile phone or tablet, the game simply needs to be download, which can be done from casino websites or an application store, after which the game may be opened simply by tapping the icon. Like the design of some slots at, the game interface has been designed with one touch capability, which means touch screens offer a smooth game play experience.

The game may also be played on a computer or laptop, via a compatible browser. Simply open the game in a browser, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, and all needed files will automatically be loaded. Note that since the game uses a simple set of graphics that load times will be extremely short, in comparison to some other slot machine games. If the game returns an error message upon being opened, it is essential to ensure that your browser has the latest Flash software installed. Flash is free, and can be downloaded and installed in just a few seconds of time. To get Flash, just search for it, and ensure that you’re running the latest version.

Bonus Symbols and Specials

In the Loaded PI slot machine game there is a joker symbol, or wild card. It may be matched with any other symbol, and is extremely important when making matching sequences that are longer then three symbols. The joker symbol may, for example, extend o match of three aces to four aces, simply by being in the correct position. Note also the free spins symbol, represented by an arrow, which, if matched at least three times, will grant free spins. If matched more then three times, the number of free spins granted will be larger.