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An Introduction to Atlantis Queen Online Slots

An Introduction to Atlantis Queen Online Slots

An Introduction to Atlantis Queen Online Slots

The world’s most enduring myth about a sunken civilisation is the inspiration of Playtech’s Atlantis Queen online slots. Awash with ocean colours, the game features five reels, 25 paylines, special symbols, and bonus games.

The reels are set in a dream-like underwater world; their symbols offering glimpses at tropical fish, ancient artefacts, sea gods, and even the matriarch of the fabled city. Two Wilds and a Scatter symbol also lurk about, and, in the right combination, will unlock the Pearl and the Temple bonus games.

On the Atlantis Queen Reels

Vividly described in Plato’s dialogue Timaeus, Atlantis continues to confound enthusiasts. Whether the lost city really existed or not, the story of its sinking gives developers such as Playtech a good excuse to bring together the ethereal worlds of myth and aquatic life.

The reels of Atlantis Queen online slots feature the sea god Poseidon, the Queen, a treasure chest, a lionfish, temple ruins, and a shield marked with four sigils. There are also 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace playing card symbols.

The themed symbols are higher value and bonus symbols, and the playing card symbols are lower value symbols. The Queen of Atlantis and Poseidon are both Wild symbols, and the temple ruins are the Scatter symbol.

Atlantis Queen’s Two Wild Symbols

The two Wild symbols in Atlantis Queen online slot work in different ways. The Poseidon symbol can appear on any of the reels, and can substitute for all other symbols except the Queen and the temple ruins to help form combinations that pay out.

The appearance of five Poseidon symbols will pay out the game’s top jackpot.

The Queen only appears on reels two, three, and four, where she can also help bring payouts. If she appears on all three of her reels at the same time, she will trigger the Atlantis Queen Pearl bonus game.

In the bonus game, players would need to make a selection from the nine oysters that appear on the screen. In each oyster is a pearl that is either gold, silver, or bronze in colour, which adds a certain value to the prize players receive at the end of the bonus game.

Scatter Symbol and Temple Bonus Game

As the Scatter symbol, the Atlantis Queen temple ruins can trigger the Temple bonus game from anywhere on the reels of the online slot.

The bonus game leads into the slot’s free spins round. At least three Scatters are needed to trigger the top Canadian online casino bonus game.

When it is triggered, a new screen will open, and players would need to make a first selection to reveal the number of free spins they receive, then make a second selection to reveal the multiplier they will have for any wins made during the free spins, and then make a third and fourth selection to reveal bonus Scatter and Wild symbols.

As many as 14 free spins and a multiplier as high as 3x could be obtained during the Atlantis Queen Temple bonus game.