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Chief’s Magic Online Slot Overview

Chief’s Magic Online Slot Overview

Chief’s Magic Online Slot Overview

Chief’s Magic is an online slot machine game created by Microgaming. It is a modest, simple game using only three reels, and one payout line, which is far less than many similar games. It also has relatively subtle graphics and a minimum of effects, making the game perfect for those new to online slot machines, or for those who prefer a more streamlined experience where online gambling is concerned.

It does, however, still have a number of special bonuses that can be achieved, the most valuable of which is highly generous. The game can be played online via an Internet web browser, such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, and does not require any permanent downloads. Keep in mind, however, that the Flash software must be installed in order for the game to work.

Symbols And Designs

Sticking with the theme of the game, Chief’s Magic uses icons based around a Native American style. The chief’s head symbol, recognisable by his feathered headdress, is of great value, and if matched three times will give a substantial payout. Other valuable symbols include the Chief’s Magic icon, which, if matched with itself three times, will grant the jackpot payout, which is a massive instant upfront cash sum.

The lucky sevens symbol is the third most valuable, with the remaining symbols of the game using the classic bar icons, including a single bar, two bars, and three bars. In this case, the more bars in the symbol, the greater the value it offers. Note that there are no wild symbols in this game, or any other bonuses, allowing for a simple game play experience that is easy to understand. The player is not required to keep track of any special systems of any kind, and can focus simply on matching the correct icons.

More Bets Equals bigger Payouts

The only system in the game that a player need keep in mind is the betting system. One, two, and three bets are available, which can be decided upon before taking a spin. If just one bet is made, all payouts will be smaller, and the jackpot payout will not be possible, even if landing three of the correct symbols. The jackpot will pay only if the maximum of three bets are made. Hence, the player is encouraged to always make the highest bet possible, in anticipation that a jackpot spin might be just around the corner. Note, however, that regardless of how high the bet is, it will not open up additional pay lines, as in other slot machine games. In Chief’s Magic only one bet line is ever used.

Free Play And Real Play

Chief’s Magic is available to play for free, or for real money, as the player prefers. In order to play for free, simply click the free play option. An amount of virtual currency will be granted, and may be used for as long as the player desires. To play slots for real money, please ensure that you are logged into an account, and that funds are available. Then, simply click the real play option.