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Deal or No Deal Live Casino Game

Deal or No Deal Live Casino Game

Deal or No Deal Live Casino Game

Evolution Gaming is the recognised industry leader when it comes to live casino games. Their software works perfectly on desktop and mobile devices, so you can enjoy it however and wherever you choose. The company often releases new titles to keep players entertained, and have launched Deal or No Deal Live, which is based on the popular TV game of the same name.

How to Play

In Deal or No Deal Live, the live element is the presenter that you’ll interact with. On the rare occasion that an error occurs in the game or any of the procedures, these dealers will also pause the game and notify their shift manager.

The innovative idea of fusing live dealer games with Random Number Generation(RNG) technology, also seen in Evolution Gaming’s Dream Catcher and Monopoly LIVE titles, has made Deal or No Deal Live the most talked-about release. We also think this is what makes the live casino games superior to the Deal or No Deal slot, which while also loads of fun, is less interactive.

The slot features graphics and bonus rounds inspired by the show, but you don’t actually get to interact with your host. If the error can’t be resolved immediately, play will be suspended, and your bets will be refunded.

When you’re playing at your favourite live online NZ casino sites online, you’ll soon notice how simple this game is. There are 3 stages, which might be confusing at first but which will soon become clear:

  • Qualification: Spin a wheel and line up 3 circle segments to qualify and progress to the next stage.
  • Optional Loading More Money: Bet more to load more cash into the boxes, and stand to win greater amounts.
  • The Deal or No Deal Game: Accept or reject cash deals.

The Deal or No Deal Stage

Obviously, most of the action in these live casino games is in the third stage, and you’ll have an online gambling experience unlike any other. As the rounds of the game progress, more briefcases containing undisclosed amounts (the briefcase numbers and the amounts are determined using RNG) are eliminated. In each case, you can opt to accept a cash offer (Deal) or reject the offer and keep playing (No Deal).

You have no idea how much money is hidden in the briefcases, so you don’t know whether you’re winning or losing by declining the offers until the last cash amount is revealed. The game moves very quickly, but also means you need to watch your bankroll carefully and gamble responsibly. Make sure you set limits on how much time and money you’ll spend before you start playing.

Tips and Tricks

If you want to make the most out of this casino game, use these handy tips and tricks to give yourself the edge:

  • Use the spacebar shortcut key to spin the wheel and make your online gambling move even faster.
  • Use match deposit bonuses and other special offers to boost your bankroll and win more.
  • Accept offers 2x higher than your bet.