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Tally Ho! With This Online Slots Game

Tally Ho! With This Online Slots Game

Tally Ho! With This Online Slots Game

When it comes to online slots games, the thought of the military does not immediately spring to one’s mind. However, Realtime Gaming has created Tally Ho. This term is not only the name for an online slots game, but also refers to a military warning. It is believed that when soldiers spot the enemy, they yell this phrase. It only seems natural, then, that this game has a military theme that is conveyed through the use of well-crafted graphics. For more insight into this game, have a look at what the symbols mean before you get started so that when you are ready to play, you can dive right in.

The Wild Symbol

Realtime Gaming is known for providing its games with symbols that complement their respective themes. The same can be said for the symbols adorning the reels of Tally Ho. For one, the Wild symbol takes the form of a fighter pilot. This symbol can be used to substitute any other symbol in order to create a winning combination. However, with this online slots game, there is a bit of a catch – this symbol will only ever appear on the second, third and fourth reels.

The Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbols generally multiply the winnings of players. Realtime Gaming has selected military roundels, objects that look similar to medals, to represent the scatter symbol in Tally Ho. However, this online NZ slots for real money game has a different system when it comes to their scatter symbols. Multiplications are based on the following: three roundels doubles the bet, four roundels multiplies the bet by up to 20 times, and five roundels multiply the initial bet a staggering 200 times! Either way, however many roundels may have been yielded, the chances of a player being able to multiply their winnings are considerably high.

Free Bonus Games

Tally Ho by Realtime Gaming also offers free games, but these can only be accessed once three or more roundels appear on the reels. Once this happens, free games will immediately be activated. Any winnings made whilst playing these free games will instantaneously be tripled, and should a player yield another three roundels, the free games will be re-activated so they can continue playing free of charge. If players are happy with the amount of money they have placed on their bets, and they are confident that they will not change this value, they may select the Autoplay function, which automatically spins the reels for them.

Tally Ho also offers players a chance to win the random jackpot. This random jackpot can be accessed at the end of their game. However, as the name suggests, this jackpot is completely random and cannot at all be predicted. Should the random jackpot be won, those winnings will be added to all the others from the game. All in all, this game offers players a little glimpse into military life, or at least the symbols that can be associated with it. With a little bit of practice, players can soon be generously rewarded by these symbols.