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Take a Look at Karate Pig Online Slot Machine

Take a Look at Karate Pig Online Slot Machine

Take a Look at Karate Pig Online Slot Machine

Clearly taking inspiration from Kung-Fu Panda, Karate Pig is a delightful slot game featuring a, as the name suggests, pig who seeks to be the best at karate. Focusing on interesting characters, high quality animation, and highly unique bonus games, Karate Pig is a game that every slot enthusiast should check out. The developers clearly went all out with this production, and as far as modern real money games are concerned Karate Pig is one of the best.

In the game play department Karate Pig doesn’t exactly blow minds with innovation. The 5 reel, 40 betting line system is pretty standard. But, land a special symbol sequence and the bonus mini-games are a delight, all but stealing the player’s heart in seconds with sheer charming character and humour. Karate Pig has outstanding animation, and each mini-game comes to life as the lovable goofball shares his thoughts via speech bubbles. Let’s take a closer look at the symbol designs and mechanics.

Symbol Designs

One of the best things about Karate Pig is that so much effort has clearly gone into the symbol designs. Each symbol represents a character in the world, and no small amount of detail is present in each. From a muscled boar that seems to be Karate Pigs enemy, to a wise sensei with long white beard, the player gets a clear sense that a story is being told here, and a rather well thought out one at that. The developers can be commended for going the whole nine yards.

User Interface

The game has clearly been designed with modern play platforms in mind. Whether using a device with a touch screen, or a standard home computer, the interface is fluid and easy to understand. Casino betting lines are raised and lowered via a button near the bottom of the play area, and the betting amount is adjusted via convenient arrows. Note that a bet max button allows the bet to instantly be adjusted to the highest possible amount. One thing that seems to be missing is an auto play feature, which is a rather curious omission given that the game is otherwise so professionally realised.

Bonus Games

The Karate Pig bonus games have already been mentioned, and deserve to mentioned again. Upon matching the scatter symbols the player is given a choice of 2 bonus games, the pork chop bonus and hammer bonus. Upon a bonus game being completed a belt is earned, indicated that Karate Pig is improving his skill. If 7 belts are earned, the player enters the final showdown, where the piggy must face the muscled boar.

The whole idea is a delightful one, and gives the player a real feeling of progress. It’s a great way to keep the game feeling fresh and interesting, and one of the main reasons that Karate Pig is such a unique play experience. If anything, a player will be delighted by the notion that the pig is getting stronger. And if the final showdown is achieved, which is a long, gruelling process, the jackpot will be second to the pleasant journey getting there.