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Kathmandu Slot Online Casino Game Reviewed

Kathmandu Slot Online Casino Game Reviewed

Kathmandu Slot Online Casino Game Reviewed

The Kathmandu slot game, created by Microgaming, is your ticket to a distant land of beauty and mystery. The game is based around the sights and sounds of the stunning Eastern country, famous for its mountains, rich culture, and alluring isolation. The game features realistic graphics and a keen eye for detail, but does perhaps not offer the dazzle and special effects as some other modern slot games. In terms of game play, however, the game is a very enjoyable experience with much in the way of entertainment and unique bonus systems.

The Kathmandu slot game utilises a 5 reel, 9 betting line system, which is in itself already a departure from the expected norm. Many modern slot games offer as many betting lines as possible, but the Kathmandu slot game has gone for a more focused and easier to understand approach. With fewer betting lines the player can easily see where matching sequences are being created, and never be left scratching their head. The betting lines may also be manually adjusted up or down between spins, which grants an enormous level of tactical strategy to the player. In other words; the Kathmandu slot game is focused primarily on game play as apposed to visual glitz or glamour.

Visuals and Symbols

It must be said that the makers of the Kathmandu slot game really pushed for a feeling of authenticity in the visual design of the game. If compared to similar slots played by you when you join mobile casinos, the graphics are not high definition by any means, but certainly capture the essence of the lovely country. The scents of beans and spices can almost be smelt in the symbol design showing these popular market goods, and the elephant symbol looks almost ready to start trumpeting. The background image, a sprawling picture of interestingly designed rooftops, rounds off what is already and enchanting feast for the eyes.

In terms of symbol values the building, elephant, spices and map are the most valuable, granting exceptional payouts when matched a minimum of five times. They are easily recognisable images, and clear in their composition, which again adds to the simplicity of the game. The player will easily recognise each image, and so never be confused about which payment is due to them. The least valuable mages are the traditional 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of playing cards, which are certainly a bit disappointing. With such rich subject material one can’t help but wish the game makers had not fallen back on these tired old clichés.

Bonus System

There is a wild symbol in the Kathmandu slot game, shown as a traditional local prayer wheel. The symbol will match with any other symbol, as is expected, allowing for more matching sequences to be created. The scatter symbol in the game is shown as a silver bell, which will, when matched, grant the player 15 free spins. The free spins will play out automatically, with all winnings compounded and paid out after the last spin. These free spin sequences are generally extremely lucrative, and the best way to earn massive payouts.