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Review of Jewel Box Slots Machine for Online Casino Players

Review of Jewel Box Slots Machine for Online Casino Players

Review of Jewel Box Slots Machine for Online Casino Players

Play’n Go software’s Jewel box is a 5 reel casino slot featuring 15 pay lines and a jewelry themed symbol set. The play n go software platform is makes playing this slot available on your desktop or mobile device. The game takes place in a jewelry box filled with luxury accessories you would find in a high rollers collection. Your play screen is surrounded by a classy wooden frame that fits in with the decadent atmosphere of the jewel theme. The big clear symbols, simple layout and pay structure makes this an easy to get into and rewarding slot game that will keep you playing.

The Shining Jewel Themed Symbols

The jewel box symbols are made up of a selection of jewelry and precious gems. The high value symbols consist of the jewelry items. The emerald ring gives you the biggest wins at 2500 coins for a 5 symbol line.  A 1000 coin pay out awaits five matching emerald brooch symbols, the next highest value symbol. The classic symbol of luxury, a string of pearls, is the third highest value symbol promising 500 coins for its max payout. The low value symbols also keep with the jewelry theme, so rather than the standard 9, 10, jack queen and king, you get a diamond, a garnet, a blue topaz and a green emerald.

The wild symbols come in 5 forms. They are multiplier symbols that appear in the third reel. They range from a 1x to a 5x multiplier symbol. This is a great example of the simple to understand and play design of jewel box slots. The multiplier value and wild symbol has been incorporated into one and due to there being 5 versions of the symbol, it increases the odds of hitting the wilds that much higher. Finally there is the jewelry box symbol that triggers the game’s unique bonus sequence

The Sparkling Bonus Features

Three jeweler box symbols in a row on reel 1, three and five will take you away to a new screen where you will be presented with three engraved wooden boxes. You will then be given the option to pick one of the boxes to reveal your prize. Each box contains a prize, no penalties. You just pick a random prize and keep playing.

Exploring the Gambling Feature

Like many slot machines discovered here, Jewel box contains a gamble feature. Once you trigger a big bonus you will be presented with an option to keep playing or take a gamble on your win. You stand the chance to double your wins, or if you are feeling extra lucky, you can quadruple your wins. You will be presented with a framed screen and two wager options. On the left will be two colours you can pick, red and black. You will need to guess the correct colour of the randomly drawn playing card, so it is a double your money wager and a 50/50 chance to guess correctly. On the right hand is a selection of four card suits, this is the wager that can quadruple your last win. You must pick weather the randomly drawn card will be an Ace, Heart, Diamond or Club.