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Play Keno Online with an Amazing Guide

Play Keno Online with an Amazing Guide

Play Keno Online with an Amazing Guide

Keno is a lottery type gambling game, played in many modern casinos, online as well as land based casinos. Some casinos also offer instructions on how to play Keno. Players choose their numbers rather like choosing numbers for the lottery.

Players play the game by wagering numbers chosen from one through to 80. After all the players have made their choice and placed their wagers, 20 numbers are drawn at random, although some games draw fewer numbers. This means that players can pick 20 and try and match as many of these to the numbers picked by the machine or the generator. It is not difficult to pick up how to play Keno. Of course the more the numbers chosen to match up the more matches are needed to win as it is a statistical game. The payout system will pay rewards based on odds.

Winning a Payout Depends on the Numbers Matched

The winning numbers are drawn with a random number generator, or with a ball machine similar to those used for lotteries or bingo. In learning how to play Keno, players will see that the main idea in a typical game of Keno is that the more numbers you choose, and the more of your chosen numbers are hit, the bigger will be your payout.

The odds in Keno are self-evident. If you know how to play Keno you will know that, although you could win a huge amount if all your numbers are drawn by the machine, the odds against that happening are also huge. The best way to play Keno and to try to maximise your odds, is to play only a few numbers. This can give you the greatest chance of winning. Odds and game variations are going to differ from casino to casino like odds, which is why it is better to be sure you know how to play Keno and are familiar with all the nuances of the game. You should still use the pay table, however.

The Payout in a Game of Keno

Each casino sets its own series of pay tables, or payouts. The player is paid based on how many of the numbers were chosen, either by the player selecting the numbers, or the machine picking the numbers, the number of matches that appear, and the wager.

Mobile Keno is a very fast game, especially if you are familiar with the game and know how to play Keno. Players can even use different game options and play a few games at the same time. This can be great fun while you are travelling on the bus on the way to work, but it could impact somewhat on your budget. A very good piece of advice when you are learning how to play Keno, is that if you are winning, do not speed up the game. Rather keep it fairly slow if you can.

Keno is a very old game, developed in China. The legend is that the income from the game of keno was used to help build the Great Wall of China. Today millions of people play the game, either at land based casinos or at an online casino site. Keno is a game of chance so it is easy to play, and plenty of fun. You can, however, win a huge payout at Keno, and in spite of the odds the game still has a small house edge.