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An Introduction to Noah’s Ark Slots Casino Game

An Introduction to Noah’s Ark Slots Casino Game

An Introduction to Noah’s Ark Slots Casino Game

IGT Noah’s Ark is an online slot game inspired by the Biblical story of the flood and how Noah built an Ark to save himself, his family and two of every animal. This slot game takes a lot of inspiration from this story.

Doves feature as the bonus triggering scatter symbol and the symbols can have double values if two animals are present on the icons. The slot game’s play area is split into 5 reels with 30 pay lines to activate across them.

Noah’s Ark Wager Limits

IGT Noah’s Ark is available for real money wagering online. Wagers are placed using coins to activate one or all of the 30 pay lines. The coins start in value at 0.01.

You can adjust the individual value of the coins and the amount of coins you wager per pay line for a maximum wager value of 10 per pay line. This gives you a maximum possible wager of 300 per spin.

Reel Symbols

IGT Noah’s Ark has animals and standard card symbols that award the pay outs. The A, K, Q and J symbols award the lowest pay outs ranging between 5 and 200 times your wager. These symbols require you to line up three or more matching symbols on a pay line.

The animal symbols feature 10 different pay outs. With the double animal symbols you can potentially line up 10 matching symbols. The pay outs for the animal symbols range between 10 and 1000 times your staked wager.

Noah’s Ark Double Animal Symbols

IGT Noah’s Ark has a unique reel symbol feature. The symbols can appear with two animals on it at the same time. These symbols will count as two matching symbols and will only require one other matching symbol to form a winning combination.

This feature remains in play during the free spins round, but here the wild will also count as two symbols.

Wild Symbol

IGT Noah’s Ark has a wild symbol that features the infamous Ark. This wild symbol can take on the value of any of the standard symbols. It will not substitute for the Dove scatter symbol.

Additionally the wild will also count as two symbols when it appears during the Raining Free Spins bonus round. If you land three or more wilds on an active pay line, it will award between 300 and 10 000 times your wager. This 10 000x your wager payout is the jackpot prize in IGT Noah’s Ark.

Noah’s Ark Raining Free Spins

IGT Noah’s Ark free spins feature is triggered by the white dove symbols. In the Bible story, these doves were sent out to find signs of dry land. In IGT Noah’s Ark, they will find you free spins. You need to land between 5 and 6 doves on the reel in order to trigger the feature.

Five doves award 5 free spins and six doves award 10 free spins. This may sound like a tougher requirement than other online slot games, but since Noah’s Ark features double animal symbols, it is easier than you think.