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A Look at Marbles Lottery Game by NetEnt

A Look at Marbles Lottery Game by NetEnt

A Look at Marbles Lottery Game by NetEnt

Net Entertainment is well known in the online casino industry, acclaimed for creating some of the best slot games currently available. The hallmarks of a Net Entertainment slot game are outstanding quality, impressive graphics, and generally an interesting twist or theme that brings new light to an old concept. That’s not to say Net Entertainment has never made a mediocre game, but you can always rely on them to at least provide a unique, interesting experience where games are concerned, if nothing else.

It was, therefore, interesting to see Net Entertainment recently release their Marbles Lottery Game, which was a noteworthy decision for the company for a few reasons. The first thing a person will notice is that the Marbles Lottery Game is not a slot game at all, as the title suggests. It is, in fact, very simply a game of chance. So is this game worth a look, and was its release a misstep for the otherwise extremely competent Net Entertainment? Let’s have a look.

No Skills Games

Many consider slot games to be a no skills endeavour. That is to say, they consider that the player does not have much control over the results of the game. But this is not entirely accurate. Some slot games give players a great deal of freedom, including raising or lowering the betting amount, and deciding the number of betting lines to have active for each spin. A player who understands the statistics involved can do a fairly reasonable job of minimising losses and maximising wins. Lottery games, however, such as Net Entertainment’s Marbles Lottery Game, are a one hundred percent luck based situation.

The premise of the game is that a player first selects a card from a random selection, which will determine the potential amount that is up for grabs. This amount can vary from just to dollars, to an absolutely gob smacking fifty thousand dollars. Which it will be, however, is entirely up to chance. Once the amount has been selected, the player must then repeat a similar process by selecting marbles, seen on the right of the screen. In order to win the staked amount, the player must select three correct marbles from eight. Again, the process is entirely up to chance, and absolutely nothing will sway the odds in the player’s favour.

Life Changing Money

Many people will have already been put off of Net Entertainment’s Marbles Lottery Game, based purely on the fact that one can achieve similar results by tossing eight coins in the air and guessing which will be heads, and which tales. The difference is, of course, that tossing coins in the air will never grant the possibility of walking away with fifty thousand dollars cash. For some the Marbles Lottery Game is enjoyable for the very fact that it does not require skill, but offers a reasonable chance of big bucks. There is, after all, very few online games that can boast a chance at such enormous amounts of money, especially since the Marbles Lottery Game is not a progressive slot. It is always important to keep in mind, however, that the fifty thousand dollar card is not especially common, and players will more likely be playing for a few hundred dollars, if that. For more information about the Marbles Lottery game, visit the Net Entertainment website.